At Gravity, our employees take pride in their work and we take pride in them. Each month we recognize one of them who is out there going the extra mile. Though our company is blessed with hundreds of hardworking employees who go above and beyond, these individuals are nominated by their peers to be in the "Spotlight".

Danene Hogan

February 2023

Danene Spotlight

Cody Privett

January 2023

Cody Spotlight

Janie Prince

December 2022

Janie Spotlight

Jessica De Anda

November 2022

Jessica Spotlight

Bill Raxter
Jeff Wilson

October 2022

Raxter/Wilson Spotlight

Lacee Echterhoff

September 2022

Lacee Spotlight

Glenn Willis

August 2022

Glenn Spotlight

Steve McNeil

July 2022

Steve Spotlight

Rhonda James

June 2022

Rhonda Spotlight

John Mosley

May 2022

John Spotlight

Daniel Gutierrez

April 2022

Daniel Spotlight

LaDonna Montgomery

March 2022

LaDonna Spotlight

Joe Nunez

February 2022

Joe Nunez Spotlight

Tana Rios

January 2022

Tana Rios Spotlight

Gravity Driver Trainers

December 2021

Driver Trainer Spotlight

Trisha Sherry

November 2021

Trisha Sherry Spotlight

Trudie Hinkle

October 2021

Trudie Hinkle Spotlight

Damian Ochoa

September 2021

Damian Ochoa Spotlight

Ricky Kirian

August 2021

Ricky Kirian Spotlight

Erin White

July 2021

Erin White Spotlight

Lupe Garcia

June 2021

Lupe Garcia Spotlight

Hanna Wall

May 2021

Hanna Wall Spotlight

Miguel delatorre

April 2021

Delatorre Spotlight

Birdie Galvan

March 2021
Galvan Spotlight

Javier Ponce, Jr.

February 2021
Ponce Spotlight