The One Stop Source

Gravity’s robust line of custom chemical programs gives operators a one-stop option to help establish, maintain and improve the production of an oil and gas well throughout its productive life.

Our Capabilities

Production Chemicals

Customizable to meet specific well conditions, Gravity’s specialty production chemicals are used for water treatment, enhanced productivity, oil and gas recovery and overall field asset optimization.

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Capillary Strings

Gravity also provides capillary strings to deliver chemicals to the source of a problem at the most effective depths to maximize chemical treatments.

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Depend on Gravity for
Downhole Solutions

Gravity has put all the pieces together for comprehensive downhole solutions. From custom-blended chemicals to capillary services that deliver chemicals to the source of the problem, our team has the capabilities and resources to prevail every time.

Production Chemicals

Our capabilities include customization of chemical products for specific customer needs at our Permian Basin blending facility which allows us to become a trusted partner and provider of chemical solutions in upstream oil and gas markets.

Capillary Solutions

Gravity’s capillary tubing provides a more efficient means of delivering chemicals to the source of the problem resulting in a considerable increase in run times and reduced failure rates.
Our capillary tubing system provides chemical delivery at the most effective depths of the well to maximize chemical effectiveness, allowing the use of cheaper light weight chemicals while increasing residuals from bottom to top.

Gravity has the locations and infrastructure for around the clock support.

When equipment is stranded downhole, operators can count on Gravity to get it out and keep them producing. With specialized, quality equipment, highly trained crews, well-developed infrastructure and multiple locations where it counts, Gravity is the go-to team.

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