Tech Management and  the Gravity Pandemic Response Plan

Great Minds Come Together For The Community

When the Gravity Pandemic Response Plan was initiated to address the spread of COVID-19, the employees at our Tech Management (TM) facility had a meeting to discuss our response plan for social distancing. TM provides customized production chemical programs to the Energy Industry. The team devised a plan to operate with minimal to no contact. While reviewing sanitary guidelines, the group’s focus turned to personal hygiene recommendations.  However, as everyone has experienced, the shortages of supplies around the country is a daunting barrier to following best practices. Hand sanitizer was one of the first items that became unavailable across the nation.  John Mosely, area manager, thought, “We are a chemical company, we should be able to make hand sanitizer to help us stay safe.” John talked with his wife, who happens to be a Pharmacist, who told him she had just received an FDA guideline which allows companies to produce their own hand sanitizer during a public health emergency.    

Upon review of the guidelines it was determined that Tech Management had most of the items necessary to create the hand sanitizer. John started his search for the ingredients that were not in the lab and discovered that Kevin Nhoy, from our Special Projects group, was independently experimenting on a hand sanitizer and surface cleaner. To expedite solutions, it was decided they would split their efforts: Kevin would continue to work on a surface cleaner and John would focus on the hand sanitizer. 

After procuring the missing ingredients, John made a small test batch of hand sanitizer and the Lab Technicians analyzed the results. Success! With the initial test batch success, Olu Odubiyi, Christina Montemayor, Regan Boles, Matt Mosley, Hunter Green, and John mixed a larger five-gallon batch. John then ran into additional obstacles when searching for available personal-sized containers to be able to effectively distribute the bulk hand sanitizing solution.   John did not stop until a bottling source was found, the bottles were filled, and Derric Workman began distributing them.

Simultaneously, Kevin worked towards developing an effective surface cleaner. Surface cleaner has been subject to the same panic buying and hoarding, which has yielded a national shortage. As a company with a large number of essential employees maintaining the energy sector across the United States, many of our friends and family were left fearing that they would not be able to safeguard their families from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, Tech Management possessed the raw materials needed to manufacture an effective surface cleaner.  The product is nearly identical to what was previously readily available on the shelves. 

These two rapidly developed projects are typical examples of Tech Management’s ingenuity, skill, and uncommon teamwork that consistently produces valuable solutions.  

We have distributed sanitizer and surface cleaner to our Gravity company yards that have requested it and made it readily available to all employees and yards. We have also donated over 500  gallons of hand sanitizer to several different groups from customers to state and local governments: DOTCMV Division of the Permian Basin, Odessa Fire Department and EMS, Midland Pediatrics, Apache Corporate, Wildfire, SAU, Ketchum Mountain, Crane and Field offices, Concho Resources, BTA  and Forsan ISD.  Contact us at and we can see if we can be of assistance.