Gravity is here to be a strong force in the oil industry.

When it comes to oil and gas production, some things remain the same: the need to maintain continuous service in the face of tight deadlines and limited resources, and the need to have a supply partner that’s always there when it counts.

Gravity brought together two strong suppliers: Globe Energy Services, L.L.C. (Globe) and Light Tower Rentals, Inc. (LTR).

Founded in 2004, Globe grew from a one truck operation into a major supplier of water and infrastructure solutions. LTR started in the Permian Basin in 1994 and became a well-respected supplier of lighting and power solutions, particularly in remote locations.

By merging these two successful companies and enhancing their offerings, we’ve positioned Gravity to better serve our customers. Gravity is here to be the single-source solution to help operators run their wells continuously. We deliver a comprehensive suite of services through our three operating segments: Water Solutions and Infrastructure, Power Generation and Rental Solutions and Wellbore Solutions.

Our company is committed to our customers.

Already, we have the deep resources and proven capabilities of two strong suppliers combined. Our employees are well-trained, passionate and customer-oriented. We’re close to customers, with a large footprint of offices and service centers throughout the Permian Basin and in other important basins. We’re growth-oriented, with financial flexibility and a well-capitalized and active customer base.

For decades our people have come through for oil producers when it counts. We’re striving to be the force you can depend on - providing a variety of solutions to keep production going.

Our management team averages almost 30 years in the industry.

Gravity is under the leadership of a seasoned management team that knows how to succeed and is unafraid of finding new solutions.

Rob Rice

President & Chief Executive Officer

Before joining Gravity, Rob served as the Chief Operating Officer of Archrock and President of Exterran.  Previously, Rob held various positions at Hanover, including Vice President, Gulf Coast Business Unit, Vice President, Health, Safety & Environmental, and Director of Corporate Development.  Rob worked for Archrock and its predecessor entities, Exterran and Hanover, since 2002.  Rob spent his earlier career in various roles at Enron and Panhandle Eastern.  He holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Louisiana Tech University and served as a Flight Test Engineer in the US Air Force. 

Troy Botts, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Troy founded Globe Energy Services, L.L.C. in 2004 and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer.  During his two decades in the industry, he previously held various senior management roles at Complete Services, Inc., including Executive Vice President.

Keith Muncy

Chief Financial Officer

A chartered and certified public accountant, Keith has 26 years of experience, including his tenure as Chief Financial Officer of Light Tower Rentals, Inc.. Prior to joining Light Tower Rentals, Inc., Keith served as the Chief Financial Officer of VOXCOM, a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, LLC.

Mike Sledge

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Prior to his role as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mike held various positions in sales, operations, risk management and personnel management in his 33 year oilfield career.

Gravity’s employees are the pride of the industry.

Gravity’s people are among the best in the industry; highly skilled professionals who are rigorously trained and motivated to exceed customer expectations. We know the equipment and how to safely handle it, excel at finding new solutions that deliver efficiency, and take our jobs – and the results we achieve – seriously. To us, it’s not just a living; it’s a way of life. If we make a promise, we make good on it.

Safety is something we practice every day.

At Gravity, good safety practices are our top priority. Our commitment to safety has enabled us to obtain projects from industry leaders with some of the most demanding safety and operational requirements. Among the safety practices now in place are written standard operating procedures; our Stop Work Program, which empowers any employee to stop work if there is danger to themselves or others; our Safety Observation Program, which reinforces strong safety habits by observing employees during job duties and correcting any deficient behavior; monthly online safety training that must be completed by all employees; and our Job Safety Analysis Program, which requires all employees to complete a job safety analysis form before each task or delivery and at the end of every day.

Are you interested in joining the Gravity team?

At Gravity, we value taking care of our customers and our employees, and we’re proud to be part of a company that’s poised for growth. If that sounds good to you, visit our Careers Center.