Gravity continues to do our part to advance a lower carbon footprint and protect the environment for the future.


Carbon Footprint

Gravity Offset More Than Its Estimated Carbon Footprint in FY 2021 to Achieve Carbon Footprint Neutrality

  • Gravity offset its carbon footprint in Q4 2022, with an estimated net footprint of ~(22,928) metric tons
  • Due to continued growth in piped volumes, 2022 should demonstrate the lowest net carbon footprint and should continue through Gravity’s piped water initiatives moving forward
  • Reducing potentially flared gas and recycled produced water is not included in Gravity's carbon offsets for calculation of net neutrality as our customer is expected to be taking that credit
Carbon Footprint Reduction

Water Infrastructure

  • Focused on reducing emissions and environmental impacts by increasing water pipeline infrastructure and taking trucks off the road
  • ~180 miles of permanent water gathering pipelines
  • ~27 MM BBLs recycled in Q4 YTD ’22
  • ~225k+ treatment capacity
  • ~20,000 gal/day in diesel savings

Power & Rental


  • Investing in natural gas generators powered via wellhead gas to reduce potential flaring
  • ~50% of our power fleet consists of natural gas generators
  • Grown NG gen fleet by ~30% since 2017
  • Utilize remote monitoring to keep personnel and vehicles off the road