Gravity Water Midstream

Whether conventional or horizontal, close to town or far afield, oil and gas development requires comprehensive solutions to efficiently manage water needs throughout the lifecycle of a well. As increased drilling activity and high-intensity well completions drive the need for high volume water sourcing, transport and disposal, Gravity will respond with infrastructure and logistical expertise to be the single-source supplier which operators can rely on.

Deep resources, when and where you need them.

Our solution set includes high volume sourcing, transport, and disposal through an extensive network of fluid logistics assets and infrastructure including fresh and brackish water storage pits, long-life delivery, produced water gathering and freshwater sourcing pipelines, and saltwater disposal wells, concentrated in the Permian Basin and strategically located in close proximity to our clients' current and anticipated activity. 

Gravity also has a network of produced water gathering systems and disposal solutions across the Williston Basin.


Our Capabilities

Integrated water management at water infrastructure facilities

These include saltwater disposal wells and fresh and brine water facilities. We have an extensive network of strategically located saltwater disposal wells in the Permian Basin and Williston Basin. Our facilities are designed to meet safety and environmental standards and are equipped with automation software to minimize downtime and streamline billing processes.

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A growing network of pipelines for fluid sourcing and gathering

We are committed to maximizing efficiency in high volume fluid delivery and takeaway operations using a midstream mindset. We design and construct and currently operate over 150 miles of permanent pipeline infrastructure capable of managing water needs throughout the life cycle of a well. Our pipelines are high quality and rigorously monitored for integrity and safe operations. 

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An extensive inventory of frac tanks, mud tanks and other fluid handling equipment

Our customers know they can depend on Gravity for supplying reliable containment and fluid handling equipment. We have an  inventory of over 4500 frac tanks and mud tanks for every fluid containment need.

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Gravity Water Midstream Locations

Gravity has an established and growing presence in the Permian Basin, and has recently expanded water management operations into the Williston Basin, helping operators to transport and dispose of produced water.