Power Generation and Infrastructure and Rental Solutions

Gravity has built a reputation for providing top-of-the-line quality equipment to our customers with a 24/7 service and support program.

Gravity has what it takes to support continuous operations.

Power Generation

Rapid growth in the Permian Basin and other basins and new field development have increased the need for remote power solutions. This increasing demand, especially in areas where power infrastructure is limited, creates a market for power generation and rental solutions.Customers in remote locations often depend on portable generators to power an entire wellsite from drilling and completion through production.

Contracted Generation Solutions

With contracted generation solutions, power generation systems are installed at the site of end-use, such as a fractionation facility or gas processing plant. These systems leverage our expertise in power generation and create beneficial redundancies to provide a reliable standby power source to our customers,  thereby preventing downtime and promoting the goal of continuous production. These projects are typically larger in size and supported by long-term contracts.

Rental Solutions

Beyond power equipment, Gravity answers the needs of drilling and production crews by offering portable sight lighting, rental safety equipment, meeting trailers, portable site heating vacuums, pumps, and more. 

You can always count on Gravity.


Portable natural gas generators

These generators are fueled by produced wellhead or flare gas and provide a more environmentally friendly option than traditional diesel generators. They are often a faster and more cost-effective oilfield solution than the development of electrical transmission lines and related power infrastructure.

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Reliable diesel generators

A traditional and trusted resource to quickly power wellsites and equipment.

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328 MW

A combined capacity to power just about any application

Gravity’s diesel generators and portable natural gas generators represent approximately 328 MW of generation capacity, which we believe, based on our experience, is one of the largest fleets of diesel and natural gas generators currently employed in oilfield applications.


Mobile directional light towers

Operators rely on our large inventory of rental light towers to safely operate at night.


More than 330 mobile heaters

Gravity has the fleet of both flameless and indirect heaters that cold-weather basin work sites need.


Beyond power, lighting and heating

Gravity offers fuel delivery, trucking and more.

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