Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators reduce overall fuel expense by burning propane, produced well head gas or flare gas instead of trucked diesel.  We maintain a variety of sizes that can be run as stand-alone units or paralleled together in a mini-grid configuration.

NG 45 Specifications                    NG 200 Specifications                          

NG 60 Specifications                    NG 250 Specifications

NG 100 Specifications                  NG 400 Specifications

NG 150 Specifications                  Electric Maintenance Panel

Parallel Panel

NG Capabilities

Contracted Generation

Natural gas generators are parallel-capable, allowing them to be used as primary power for large power generation needs, or critical back-up power.  We have the equipment and processes in place to service our generators without halting operations.  As back-up power our generators start automatically for continuous operations.