An Integrated Approach to Governance:

Gravity’s governance guidelines reflect its commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of its employees, community, partners, and investors


Proper Training

Gravity’s employees undergo extensive training in both the field and office to ensure the highest standards and customer service are being met. Employees are thoroughly trained in diversity and inclusion, cybersecurity, and reporting practices.

Code of Ethics & Conduct

Gravity is firmly committed to fulfilling its legal and ethical obligations under State and Federal laws and we maintain and regularly update as employee handbook outlining clear processes and procedures.. All employees are expected to strictly comply with these obligations in order to best serve our customers, employees and community.

State and Federal Regulatory Agency Compliance

Gravity continuously works with regulatory agencies at both the state and federal levels including the Texas RRC, NDIC, DOT, among many others. This active dialogue ensures compliance with the latest requisite standards and best practices.

Active Risk Management

Gravity takes an active approach in mitigating potential risks by identifying, addressing, and monitoring risks in all levels of the business. The Company also regularly assesses our performance and incorporates any regulatory changes into our programs.

Board Membership & Experience

Members of Gravity’s Board have a variety of backgrounds and experience spanning multiple industries. Independent Board members and Board committees ensure high standard of transparent and strategic oversight. 

Gravity Leadership

Gravity is under the leadership of a seasoned management team with a proven ability to partner with our customers and vendors to provide safe and efficient solutions at any stage in a operators project life cycle.