The complete package in water solutions, when and where you need them.

We approach water management with an infrastructure mindset, leveraging our expertise to develop comprehensive water sourcing, takeaway, disposal, and reuse solutions for operators across the Permian Basin and Bakken.

Leveraging our expertise to develop comprehensive WATER solutions.

Gravity offers the complete package in oil and gas water solutions, when and where you need them. We offer fluid solutions for every stage, from drilling to completion, to production. 

Water Management Capabilities

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Water Solutions Capabilities


Water Sourcing (Permian Basin)

  • Identification and acquisition of source water
  • Regulatory and permitting
  • Water quality evaluation  
  • Monitoring of water levels and sustainable production

Strategically located SWD's (Permian and Williston Basins)

  • Saltwater disposal wells, fresh & brine water facilities
  • Extensive network in the Permian Basin and Williston Basin 
  • Facilities designed to meet safety and environmental standards 
  • Automation software to minimize downtime and streamline billing

Gathering & Disposal (Permian and Williston Basins)

  • Flowback disposal
  • Produced water disposal
  • Produced water gathering pipelines

Treatment (Permian Anadarko Basins)

  • Production chemicals
  • Completion chemicals 
  • Specialty chemicals 
  • Capillary injection systems

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