Gravity is committed to making it our responsibility to operate with the best interest in mind of our employees, our communities and the environment in which we live and work.

Environmental Impact


Power Generation

Gravity is continually working to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment through practices and technologies designed to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, lessen road impact, reduce waste and conserve energy. 

Gravity was one of the first service companies in the industry to invest in power generation equipment that runs on natural gas. Our fleet of Natural Gas Generators can be powered by well-site gas that is typically flared into the atmosphere.  Natural Gas Generators produce significantly less harmful emissions than diesel powered generators, additionally helping our customers meet their ESG goals.

Natural Gas Generators emit:

  • 20-30% less carbon dioxide
  • 70-90% less carbon monoxide
  • 75-95% less nitrogen dioxide
  • 89% less volatile organic compounds
  • 90% less particulate matter
  • 99% less sulfur dioxide 

We have also equipped our power-driven assets with remote monitoring capability, to reduce the need for technicians and field personnel to manually monitor performance, reducing road impact and reducing fuel consumption.

Water Infrastructure

Gravity invested in one of the most extensive water management networks in the Permian Basin.  We offer water disposal sites in areas where our customers operate reducing travel and fuel consumption.  With seismic sensitivity in mind, we manage deep disposal wells for injection below the Ellenburger formation and use  a seismic monitoring system to capture seismic anomalies.  Our water assets are also monitored

To further reduce congestion and fuel consumption associated with trucking, we currently operate over 150 miles of permanent pipeline infrastructure to manage water more efficiently. 

Gravity also has the expertise to recycle produced water, by reducing particulates in the water to be reused in fracing operations.