Collaboration and Transparency in the Oil and Gas Industry Lead to Better Outcomes for All Parties

It’s a well-known fact that the oil and gas industry has faced tremendous pressure in recent years to innovate production methods and develop new technology in order to maintain and improve profitability. But there’s another approach to be taken that can lead to better outcomes for all parties across the supply chain. At Gravity Oilfield Services, we know that efficiency and profitability go hand-in-hand with transparent, collaborative partnerships.

Aligning operator and supplier objectives is key in gaining consistency and streamlining operations. Open communication between vendors and their clients allows for greater flexibility and efficiency. When performance is aligned across all parties, it leads to more accountability and cooperation, which fosters an environment that promotes continuous operational improvements across the supply chain.

At the 2018 PESA Supply Chain Seminar in February, Gravity joined key operators and industry leaders from Transocean, BP, and WPX Energy, amongst others, came together to discuss the ways in which transparent communication across the supply chain has driven efficiencies for their organizations. 

Citing the impact of collaboration with suppliers, Pedro Rodrigues, Director of Strategic Relationships for Well Operations at BP noted, “[BP has] become stronger aligning with our suppliers’ expertise. We cannot do this alone.”

According to the 2017 Energy Benchmark Study by Collaborative for Cubes, service providers and suppliers that focus heavily on customer satisfaction experience increased revenues over those that do not. Product features, innovative technology and competitive pricing models are only part of the equation; what’s just as important is creating partnerships that have a long-term view, that can foster collaboration and shared measures of success.

Gravity Oilfield Services began as two diverse and dynamic companies, Globe Energy Services and Light Tower Rentals. From well bore solutions to water sourcing and infrastructure, from production chemicals to surface rentals, to a wide range of power generation and lighting solutions, Gravity offers products and services that account for an array of operational needs. We strive to be in collaborative, transparent partnerships with our clients, so we can prioritize uptime, a high level of consistent service, and ultimately, satisfaction. 

Cody Loverin, Director, Account Management & Sales Operations