Local Water Management Solutions

Produced Water Gathering, Disposal and Management Solutions for the Williston Basin

About Us

McKenzie Energy Partners, a Gravity company, was formed in response to a demand for sound, reliable water management solutions across the Williston Basin, from a team that calls western North Dakota home. Our team offers experienced engineering to design produced water gathering systems and disposal solutions, complete with leak detection and control systems that follow industry best practices. 


Growing up and living in western North Dakota, the McKenzie Energy Partners management team is acutely aware of the diligence required in partnering with the local landowners in the development, installation, and ongoing operation of produced water gathering systems. Being good stewards of the land and our environment are absolute in our core values, the same as it is with the neighbors we are partnering with. We take an active role as community leaders and work with all stakeholders with mutual respect, honesty and integrity. 


In addition to our local experience, our technical team brings a knowledge-base accustomed to the build-out of gathering systems from an Oil & Gas Operators' perspective. System design is focused on proper material selection and installation, reliable leak-detection with automation, and experienced in-field technicians managing the system on a day-to-day basis. 


Our principle office is located in Watford City, North Dakota.

Our Team

Todd Thurman - Director Water Infrastructure 

Todd oversees the operations of the business.  Prior to joining MEP, Todd led 5 years of growth in Waste Management at MBI Energy Services.

Robert Chrisman - Manager Business Development/Engineering

Brennan Tharaldson - Operations Engineer

Erin White - Office Manager

Jake McCoy - Field Operations Technician 

Land Owners

Working closely with our neighbors is at the root of our business plan.  As landowners ourselves we know how important it is for there to be a true partnership between the operator and the landowner.  We take extreme care in this partnership and are just down the road when you need us or have questions.  Just give us a call.


If you cause or discover ANY damage to our pipeline, call a McKenzie Energy Partners representative.  In the rare event, there is an emergency, please contact us right away.


In Case of a Pipeline Emergency Call: (888) 580-7747