That’s the spirit that drives our company.

In nature, gravity is an unseen force that is predictable, measurable and reliable. Gravity has these same qualities, which help ensure continuous operations. That’s the inspiration behind our company.

Gravity delivers continuous operations in

Gravity is a single-source supplier of services an operator needs to go non-stop, from planning through production. Gravity has decades of expertise, deep resources, high-performance equipment, and an expansive footprint in the major oil and gas producing basins, particularly in the Permian Basin, all of which makes us well-positioned to serve our customers.

As demands for sourcing, disposal and reuse of water increase...

Gravity will respond with holistic water management services through Gravity Water Midstream.

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As needs for power generation increase in remote locations...

Gravity will be there, with a range of power solutions from portable short-term rentals to long-term, installed standby generation.

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Our people are as impressive as our resources.

Gravity’s people know oil and gas production through and through. We’ve built our careers in the industry and know what it takes to earn the trust of demanding operators. Our senior management team consists of industry veterans, averaging nearly 30 years in the business. We are customer-focused and service-driven - unafraid to find solutions that lead to mutual success. 


Gravity is committed to operating in a safe and efficient manner.

Our safety culture is ingrained in all of our employees from their first day on the job.  Our commitment to safety inspires our employees to contribute personally to workplace safety which aids in efficient and effective operations.

Health, Safety & Environment

Gravity is poised to be very strong.

We are well-capitalized, have an active and diverse customer base, maintain a strong balance sheet and are well-positioned for healthy growth.

For decades, our people have come through for oil and gas producers when it counts. Gravity strives to be the force you can depend on – providing a variety of solutions to keep projects on schedule.

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