operating responsibly to benefit our communities, our employees, and the environment.

Our goal is to:

Reduce the impact our operations have on the environment by conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions, lessening road impact and reducing waste. 

Prioritize safety standards for our employees to promote safe work practices that aid in efficient and effective operations for our customers.

Invest in our workforce to provide proper training, support and benefit programs to maximize professional growth and employee satisfaction. 

Continue to be a responsible and ethical corporate citizen within our communities by participating in philanthropic efforts focused on health, education, and community enrichment.

Complying with legal and ethical obligations under all State and Federal laws.

Environmental Impact

Our customers look to us to conduct our business while adhering to their operational values in the most efficient and effective manner. With that in mind, Gravity is continually working to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment through practices and technologies designed to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, lessen road impact, reduce waste and conserve energy. 

Environmental Stewardship



We are committed to bringing our employees home safely to their loved ones.  Our safety culture is ingrained in  all of our employees from their first day on the job.  Our commitment to safety inspires our employees to contribute personally to workplace safety which aids in efficient and effective operations.

We take pride in the safety program we have developed and the performance we have achieved.  We continue to adapt our program as new technologies and techniques are developed in our industry.

Our Commitment

At Gravity we invest in our most important resource, our people.  We provide the training and support our employees need to do their jobs safely and efficiently, leaving room for professional growth.

We have made it our priority to develop programs and practices that will provide stability and enrich the lives of our employees and their families.


Gravity believes that being a responsible and ethical corporate citizen is important in each community that we work and live.  We are proud to support our employees at our various locations as they give back to their communities. Gravity participates in philanthropic efforts in health, education, and community enrichment — efforts that strengthen community relationships and foster employee engagement through participation in fundraising and other events.  We are proud to have supported:

  • United Way
  • CASA Child Advocacy of West Texas
  • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
  • Meals-On-Wheels
  • Adopt-A-Highway
  • West Texas Scholarship Programs


Gravity is a privately owned and operated company.  We are governed by an eight member Board of Directors, as well as a seasoned executive management team.  Our Board of Directors meets at regular intervals to discuss company obligations and performance while maintaining legal and ethical standards within our operations and communities.

Gravity employs in-house legal counsel to assure we are operating within the limits of legal and ethical boundaries.

Gravity Leadership